Crescent City Christian Academy is accredited through Church of God Association of Christian Schools. 

The Church of God Association of Christian Schools (CGACS) has served Florida since the 1970's as the Church of God denomination's primary choice for Christian preschool and K-12 education, promoting biblical, academic, and professional excellence in its member schools. The association became a member of the Florida Association of Academic Nonpublic Schools (FAANS) in 2000 and accredited its first school a year later. In 2014, CGACS became an accrediting member of FAANS.

Beginning in 2014, membership in CGACS is open to schools sharing a common vision, mission, and philosophy. As a professional service organization, CGACS offers professional development, teacher and administrative resources, as well as student activities to member schools.

The CGACS mission is to equip member schools to train students in the values and person of Christ in order to prepare them for success in this life and eternity to come. 

To that end, CGACS exists to provide: 

+ Teacher certification

+ K-12 accreditation

+ Religious exemption

+ Professional development

+ Guidance for new schools, child care centers,

or before and after school care programs

Crescent City Christian Academy is a ministry with sincerely held religious convictions against government control and oversight over the academic aspects of our institution. 

While the state of Florida does not require any private and/or Christian school to obtain any state or regional accreditation to operate or grant diplomas; Individual public-school districts, colleges, and universities establish their own admissions policies. What this means is that, although state law does not require that any private Christian school student or graduate come from an accredited Christian school to be eligible for admission into a public school, college, or university, those individual schools do have the authority to impose such a requirement. While most of the schools gladly accept students from Accredited Christian schools, some do not, requiring the students to undergo additional testing. Because we have no control over the policies adopted by public high schools, colleges, and universities, we cannot make any guarantee for graduates of Crescent City Christian Academy about admission into college or transfer of our credits back into the public-school system. Parents are encouraged to personally check with their local school districts or colleges in which their children are interested to find out what their policies are regarding admissions and transferring credits.